Monday, January 9, 2012


I'm not a big resolutions person.  While I love the thought of having a blank slate in January, for most people it's just not practical.  Halfway through the school year, most companies run on a fiscal not calendar year, I'm busy struggling to get the Christmas decorations down before Valentine's Day... the only thing that it signals is I need to get all the paperwork together for taxes.

And so, as midnight approached on December 31st, as we enjoyed ourselves at the home of good friends, one of the ladies asked each of us what our resolution was.  My response was “to not to run away from home”.  I wasn’t kidding.

Last year, while undergoing some major home renovations, we ended up living for almost 2 ½ months in two bedrooms.  Everything else was in the middle of something – floors being replaced, or windows, or painting.  This all led to me having to perform a major declutter, even worse than a move, because I wasn’t renting space anywhere – it all had to fit in either the cellar or one of the two bedrooms. 

You’d think after all that work, my house would be a showpiece now.  Far from it.  Hubby STILL hasn’t finished painting the baseboard heat covers removed a year ago by the flooring guys, I haven’t had a chance to purchase the hardware much less shorten and hang curtains, and there are still a few boxes in the cellar I need to go through.

So here goes - a break with tradition.  I hereby resolve to have my house together, baseboards painted and back on, curtains shortened and hung, and boxes addressed by July 1st.

Hold me to it.

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