Sunday, January 8, 2012

Come On In…

Welcome to… wherever here is.  Have a seat.  Pour yourself a glass, kick off your shoes, and relax.  Hopefully you’ve found a place where you feel at home, a place I’m crafting mostly to help myself through life as I have come to know it.  I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way I will get from Point A to Point B in my life is to have a place that crystallizes my goals, a place where others can jump in my lifeboat and we can navigate the world of today while avoiding the icebergs and whirlpools that seem determine to put us off-course.

Some of my icebergs include the people I share my house with, those being my husband and three sons, ages 16, 12, and 4.  Let me introduce you.

The Hubby:  I’ve finally accepted that I can’t change him.  I’m not sure whether he does or doesn’t suffer from ADD – he can’t remember more than two things at a time most of the time, but can tell you who needs to win and lose so that the Patriots retain home field advantage for the playoffs – go figure.

The Teenager, the Tween, and the Preschooler who share our home in Testosterone Land.  While I can’t change my middle-aged husband, I can at least teach my sons Household Survival Skills.  Otherwise I don’t have a shot of getting them out of the house, much less married off.

And then there’s me.  I left a full-time job as an administrative assistant when the Preschooler was born and have been working part-time ever since, with the cut in salary made up for by not having to pay for daycare for the Preschooler – Hubby works second shift, I work mornings, and we trade off.  This change in schedules allows the kids to be involved in more activities than before, which in turn means most of my down time is either spent in the car trying to entertain the youngest while waiting for one of the others or after they’re all in bed and BEFORE Hubby comes home.

Somehow my friends and acquaintances have the impression I’m organized.  What I have is a good memory.  What I am not is organized… not yet.  Join me in my quest (although I feel it will be more of an ongoing struggle) to achieve some level of organization in 2012.  Feel free to share the journey, as well as any hints, observations, and struggles of your own.

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