Sunday, May 20, 2012


What gets you motivated to organize, to declutter, to neat up your surroundings when you're swimming in "stuff"?

My motivation is my kids.  I want them to have friends over and not be horrified at the clutter.  At the same time, they are their father's sons - they walk past boxes and other items that need to be taken elsewhere and apparently think their Fairy Godmother will waive her magic wand to move them.  I have come to the sad realization the only way this home will be decluttered and organized is through my efforts and direction. 

And when that lightbulb was lit, I got a little pissed off.  Do you know how much time and energy I've wasted being upset that no one would help me, at asking, yelling, cajoling the others to join in?

So, do you have help, or is it all on you?  And what motivates you?

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